Working with Pavel for the last few years has helped me excel in my chemistry IB courses and exams as I was able to learn concepts in advance and clarify any questions I had from my classes at school. As a result of his knowledge, great passion for chemistry, and patience, the tutoring sessions were always seamlessly engaging and effective. The notes we created were concise and visually pleasing, which made studying from them quick and effective later on. With Pavel’s help, I was able to achieve a 6 on my Chem IB exams and 97% on my Chemistry 30 diploma. Thanks for all your help Pavel!

-Andrew Law

We want to express our thanks for helping our son achieve a Physic’s 30 Diploma mark 5% higher than his already high school mark.
We were so impressed. Thank you also for the wonderful resources and time that you dedicate to him for his other subjects Math and Chemistry.
You go out of your way to provide help and genuinely care about your students success. We will be sure pass your contact information to other students.

Have a wonderful Summer!
-Angela Kancsal


Yo Pavel, I’m having an awesome summer! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping me and motivating me to not only be a better student but a better personal in general. My marks were more than good enough for going into uni to pursue my dream! I hope to see you again someday. Thank you so much

-Tahg Neale

Pavel is an excellent teacher and role model. He spends countless hours behind the scene to develop learning materials which you get to keep after each lesson. These learning materials not only maximize the time spent learning, but also allows the student to focus on the important parts of the lesson. Each lesson has been carefully planned, allowing Pavel to evaluate whether the student understands the concept before moving on. Pavel was able to recognized my learning style and manipulated each lesson on the fly to achieve a better end result. His knowledge of science and passion for teaching made learning fun. Better yet, my grades improved and I ended up with a B+ in CHEM-201. Pavel, thank you for caring about your students!

-Scott Lengyel – UofC, Chem 201

I’d like to use this opportunity to express my feelings about my tutoring experience with Pavel with Chemistry 20. When the course first started I was feeling confused and felt like I couldn’t remember anything I learnt in Science 10. I was failing before I even started the course. I was referred to Pavel through a friend of a friend. Once I met Pavel I was immediately put at ease. He was very accommodating, extremely patient and used creative strategies in his teaching to make sure I understood the points I needed to know. He knew exactly how to help me and he explained things the way I learn. Pavel is very dedicated and is very passionate about helping students succeed. My success remained his concern throughout his tutoring time and until the outcome of the exam was known. I finished a course I felt like I was going to fail with an 88% because of Pavel. Thank you for believing in me and taking the time. I will definitely be using you for Chemistry 30 next year.

-Nickolas Hughes

2015 Class Comments

Chem 201 Term Test 1:
Fall 2015:
Pavel is very enthusiastic and covers materials to great extent
– Awesome! Love his angry and his in-depth explanations. Made me feel much better about the test.
*Pavel’s note: I’m not sure “angry” was the right word. Enthusiastic maybe? LOL
– Keep doin what ur doin 🙂 also those exclamation marks are “dope” good
– Instructor is amazing. Super patient, answers all questions until everyone understands. Explains everything 100%, easy to listen to, knows what he is doing.
– The instructor was amazing! He should teach at UofC! – Most Preps I’ve been to were boring or useless, I loved this one!
– Make him a professor!!!

Winter 2015
-Great job Pavel. Enjoyed your explanation on IMF’s
-Very nice, very helpful, and knew what he was talking about. told relevant stories to help understand content
-Great class thanks!
-The prep on Friday is really helpful because we have the weekend to practice
-fantastic session
-this teacher has been one of the best so far! he’s awesome.
-it went a bit fast, but overall very helpful

Dear Pavel,

Thank you so much again for helping me out this semester accomplish chem 30! I could not have gotten as far as I did without your help! The chem diploma went actually really well! I felt confident with my answers and the questions that I was not quite sure on was minimal. So that’s a good thing! Thanks again!

-Jamie Yip

Sorry this is a bit delayed, I was just waiting for my final mark to come in (which ended up being a 95% by the way!!). Here is my testimonial for your site:

I have always struggled with anything Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry was no exception. I started working with Pavel close to the end of my course, as I was getting worried that I wouldn’t get the mark I needed to do well in my Organic Chemistry course. Pavel was very patient explaining concepts to me, and getting me to practice things he taught me. Something I really liked was that he got to know my style of learning very well and could present things to me in a way that I understood. I was able to answer a lot more questions that I was having difficulty with before, and felt well prepared for assignments and exams. He was also always willing to explain things more than once if that is what I needed. I liked that he was very accommodating with his schedule, and was ready to help me out as much as I required. I ended up with an A+ in the course, which is much more than I was expecting, and I would not have been able to do that without Pavel’s help! Thank-you so much Pavel! I will definitely be recommending you to others! 🙂
-Khadijah (Athabasca University)
Good morning Pavel,
Rifat’s admission is confirmed as Psychology Major to the University of Mount Royal. He got it because of the Chemistry marks (higher).
We are really grateful, and appreciate you for your help and time with Rifat.

-Salam Khan

Chemistry was a very hard subject for me to understand going into my first year of university. Pavel took the same material and turned it into something that I enjoyed. Pavel’s dedication to his students, his positive attitude, his comprehension of the material, and his enthusiasm to teach turned me as a tutee into an “A grade” student. I barely managed an 80% on my assignments and quizzes before meeting Pavel. His teaching methods were brilliant and my work reflected it; I ended up with a 91% on the Chem 201 final and a 94% on the Chem 203 final leaving me with a 4.0 GPA in both subjects.

I highly recommend Pavel because he isn’t satisfied until he knows that you have understood the material. That’s true dedication. With teaching methods that are much better than most professors’, Pavel is definitely the best tutor I’ve ever had.

-Afsal Djearam, Biological Sciences student at the University of Calgary

Hey Pavel,

Thanks so much for all the help throughout the year and in the year end prep class! I got my marks back and i got a 92% on both the diploma and as my final mark. I know that i would not have been able to have gotten those marks without you. I will defiantly recommend you to anyone that i know that needs help in either the course or studying for the final exam.

Thanks again and best of luck with your company moving into the future

-Ben Bleakley, student of Chinook College at Viscount Bennet

Pavel is a very helpful and earnest tutor. From the very start of tutoring, he catered to my individual learning needs to help me achieve the grades I wanted. He is able to remember the strengths and weaknesses of students, and is able to teach in a way that keeps interest in the subject matter. When I decided to get chemistry help, I had about a sixty average, and was having trouble keeping up with the curriculum. Pavel helped me bring my mark up to an 83, and by the end of the course I was able to answer questions in class as well as actually work ahead of the class. I found that Pavel was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about chemistry, and encouraged me to feel the same. He is also very friendly and easy to get along with, and I highly recommend that anyone who wants to do well in school go to Pavel for tutoring.

-Lachlann Stoness, student of Springbank Community High School

Before meeting Pavel in Chemistry 20 I lacked the motivation to study chemistry. As a result, I had an average of 72%. However, after being tutored by Pavel, my motivation and interest in chemistry slowly grew and I ended up with 80% as my final mark. As a result of this huge jump, I’ve decided to continue having Pavel tutor me in Chemistry 30  and ended up with 100% in the class and 90% on my diploma (an average of 95% overall).
I would strongly recommend Pavel. He is an excellent chemistry tutor. Unlike many tutors who claim to be committed to helping their students succeed, Pavel provides countless practice problems and explains chemistry in the easiest way imaginable. What’s more amazing is that Pavel’s dedication towards his job and his students is beyond what I’ve expected from any tutor (for example, he edits my lab work through email and lists my strengths and weaknesses in my lab write-up during his own time).

-Andrew Kong, student of St. Mary’s High School

2014 Class Comments

-overall really happy with everything, great book. easy to follow
-pavel is an awesome instructor. i wish i had him as a lecture prof!
-pavel is a really good guy, super nice and really knowledgeable. great teacher overall!
-very helpful class!
-Nice guy!
-Very well done
-It was helpful, Pavel clearly explains the concepts by doing examples
-questions could be a bit more challenging rather than basic
-good instructor
-incredibly enthusiastic, very thorough. Should hand out more candy. excellent instructor overall, 10/10. would come again.
-you guys do an amazing job and the instructor was awesome and extremely talented.
-Very good session, thank you very much
-super helpful! Pavel is a really nice guy, very approachable. I would just say that maybe he seemed a little rushed at times.
-Thanks for the solution and also thank you for giving me such an wonderful lecture. It was very helpful.
-Instructor and course is very good
-Very handsome instructor, would prefer private lessons
-Pavel brings handouts that are helpful and does 1001 questions if he finishes lecture earlier
-Pavel is awesome
-Pavel can go very quickly at times but his teaching style is so good, chemistry just makes sense!
-teaches well
-makes everything easy to understand
-Several comments indicate Pavel has a cult following
-Some say he goes too fast and some too slow
-Everyone is impressed with his knowledge of Chemistry.

-He makes it fun and exciting.
-Thanks for the review session man it definitely helped me tons!
“Great service, thank you for providing this option”
“Spend less time on simple materials” (was written on 2 separate sheets)
“Instructor was extremely helpful and simplified concepts well. Organized and enthusiastic”
“Amazing teacher, helped me on VSEPR more than my prof”
-Pavel, Thank you very much for the help! I now feel confident that I will pass my test and get a mark that goes to my standards and possible higher!