Dear students,

Thank you for attending the Chem 353 Final Prep Course hosted by Prep101.

Lecture Slides from April 14th and 15th

Substituent Effects of Aromatic Groups

If you attended the lecture but did not receive an email by midnight, April 16th,  e-mail me and I will reply.

Massive quantities of practice exams with full worked solutions are available from the University of Calgary at:

The course website also has a link to the “e-text” website:

The e-text and any online site with an index is easily searchable by typing

site: [Search Term]

Into Google, where [Search Term] is literally the concept you want to find. Note that this method works with any website – all you do is point google to the root folder (e.g. /Carey5th/) and you can search wherever.

Chem 351 includes an exhaustive online spectroscopy practice resource:

There are simplified interactive spectroscopy problems in the link above

The link above leads to problems with MS, IR, 13C and 1H NMR. As mentioned repeatedly by Dr. Hunt and others, use the fragment approach. Get the pieces from a fast run through of MS->IR->13C->1H NMR and check the MW against the MS before attempting to build an answer.